Keep It New™

Maintenance Solutions & More!

Our Keep It New™ program is an investment in prolonging your slides and features’ lifespan, as well as your guests’ continued safety. Under our Keep It New™ program we perform your required maintenance! Simply chose one-time, annually, bi-annually or a long-term contract. Anyone can enroll, regardless of your attractions’ original manufacturers.

Standard Services Include:

  • Waxing and buffing slide interior surfaces
  • Cleaning slide exterior surfaces
  • Repairing minor scratches, chips and blemishes
  • Caulking slide joints
  • Visually inspecting slide and slide tower
  • Reporting concerns and potential problems

Additional Services Available:

  • Recoating
  • Replacement and Repair
  • Decking and Steel Replacement
  • Canopy Installation
  • Evaluations
  • Specialized Training
Image of a worker spraying new coating on a waterslide
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